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Solutions not clichés are what you will find here. No talk about holistic approaches or proactive philosophies. Instead, you will receive plain talk about your situation. Before becoming an accountant, I owned a local area contracting business near Cape Cod. My work experiences and expertise mix well with accounting talent to serve you best.

The bottom line, I am an affordable Certified Public Accountant. My strategies in tax accounting are adapted to your unique position in the small business community. You can interact with me in person, via Zoom, cellphone, text or e-mail, whichever method is best for YOU. Experience the difference today, and contact me here. You can also get me on my cell now (508) 759-8328 or the office (603) 228-6106.


I am Accepting New Clients!


If you feel ignored when talking to your tax accountant, it’s time for a change. Speaking with me is like talking to a friend who is interested in what you have to say. I am not bothered by your questions, because it’s my mission to help you succeed.

You may also be suffering from the ever increasing cost of your CPA. Do they keep charging you more each year without warning you ahead of time? That will not happen here. I use transparent pricing and always alert you of cost increases. It’s only fair that you know what you will pay BEFORE the service is done.

Dorothy Wise
Dorothy Wise
19:19 02 Jun 22
We've worked with Ernie for several years now. Very... responsive and thorough. Glad we found him. 🙂read more
Coach B Bode
Coach B Bode
02:07 02 Jun 22
Ernie Tomkiewicz performed with highest marks! This tax... season was a mess for me, a single guy who moved from MA to NH to attend grad school in my 50s. I had multiple addresses, and a few W2 forms with sporadic income. Ernie replied to my email inquiry within 24 hours, and communicated clearly what I could provide to tackle my 2021 taxes. I have had a fantastic experience with Ernie, and candidly I am very grateful to him for his outstanding services. I am sure to work with him in 2022-23. Thanks Ernie!read more
Glen Qin
Glen Qin
16:34 24 May 22
I contacted Ernest for audit financial statements after I... saw his comments on the website, the financial statements should be a pleasant process. I talked with Ernest and felt very good about his service. Therefore, I decided to work with Ernest. Indeed the process of working with Ernest was a very pleasant, and we would like to continue using his more
Kiri Jarvis
Kiri Jarvis
11:39 04 Mar 22
Ernie was wonderful to work with! He was responsive and so... helpful- filing taxes has never been easier!! Reasonably priced as well. I'm looking forward to working with him again next year!!read more
Lisa McGuire
Lisa McGuire
19:05 08 Mar 20
Thanks for the help with my taxes. I'll be in touch next... year.Best,Lisa McGuireread more
Bob Noyes
Bob Noyes
19:14 02 Mar 20
We had such a fabulous experience with Ernie. He was... knowledgeable, professional and a pleasure to work with! He resolved all our tax problems and was an absolute breath of fresh air. Would I recommend him? Absolutely 100%Thanks so much! LNread more
Mary Jane Zhoung
Mary Jane Zhoung
23:27 21 Jun 19
I've found a CPA that focuses his energy on technology to... make things easy for me, not himself. He uses Skype, Dropbox and other apps to help me interact with ease. Thank more
Andrea Waltz
Andrea Waltz
21:27 14 Apr 19
This guy loves his job. And it made me more confident in... the work he was doing for my photography business. Bravoread more
Conrad Efraim
Conrad Efraim
00:17 18 Mar 19
You're an excellent accountant and new friend. Your help... rectifying old tax problems was invaluable. I can now sleep better at night without that stress hanging over my head.Thanks buddy,C. more
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson
15:18 09 Mar 19
Ernie,Thanks for your detailed advice. I now have the best... business structure (S-corporation) for my needs. I look forward to working together to help my business stay ahead.Brianread more
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“It’s not how much you make, it’s how much you save.”

                                                                     Ernest L. Tomkiewicz CPA

New Hampshire Accounting, Tax and Auditing


The three points that make Ernest L. Tomkiewicz CPA PLLC a top accounting firm in New Hampshire are: Affordability, convenience and being a green company. These three ideals make up our company mission and it’s how we stay ahead of the competition. Our mission as a CPA firm is “Putting YOUR needs first”.


Cost should be a factor considered when seeking a new tax accountant.  Industry figures show that many CPA firms charge $150, $200 even $500 per hour for the CPA hours worked. If your current CPA firm is becoming more expensive every year, it may be time for a change. You should never pay too much for the services you are receiving. If you want to control your accounting costs, call today.

Putting YOUR needs first!

Relaxed client atmosphere

Affordable pricing

Easy, convenient access

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Your time is valuable, but quite often accountants do not take that into consideration. If you’re spending time driving to meetings with CPA staff, you’re not focusing on your business. At our firm we offer you ways to save in your own operation, and in how we do business with you. We consider your time just as valuable as our own.  Therefore, we will come to you for many meetings and consultations, anywhere in New Hampshire.


Third, our Eco-friendly approach to business. We serve a virtual accounting platform which allows us to interact with clients easily. This cuts down on carbon emissions. Because with fewer trips to the office, there is less fuel burned. We reuse, recycle and donate all business equipment. Our office furniture, fixtures and equipment are 100% bought on the secondary market. We live what we preach.

Having a file cabinet means paper, and paper means waste. Also, all our clients are encouraged to submit and receive accounting documents in electronic form. We seek to have the least paper change hands in our course of business. This helps us as one of the few green financial businesses in the country.

We offer services in business tax preparation, auditing, bookkeeping fraud prevention and business consulting and much more. Below are links to many of our services. Please browse our offerings and feel free to contact us anytime seven days a week. I thank you for taking the time to consider Ernest L Tomkiewicz CPA for your small business accounting needs.

Q & A

Answers to your frequently asked questions from Certified Public Accountant and expert Ernest Tomkiewicz CPA.

How much does tax preparation cost?

Pricing for tax preparation can vary widely depending on the type of return. Generally a simple 1040 with only W-2 income starts below $99 and includes the advice of a CPA. Partnership returns can start as low as $350 for a basic two partner setup. Non-profit 990 series start at around $200 for the simple postcard return. 

How much does a financial statement audit cost?

If you have a very small company or non-profit, you are probably looking at a starting range around $5,000. Some large companies have auditors that work year-round performing services. While many other CPAs are at the high end of the price spectrum, my services fall on the lower end. Keeping your audit cost down. 

Our Elite Services Include:

Financial Statement Audit

Whether you are a small business, a local government or a non-profit, we can handle your financial auditing needs. Our company has taken steps which make us a premier auditor in the state of New Hampshire. Continuing education, seminars and professional licensure show that we are on the cutting edge of audit technology and standards.

Small business accounting

Small business accounting is rapidly changing. Waiting weeks for financial reports is not acceptable. Our automated process will speed up your small business accounting and financial reporting.  As our economy changes, so does your small business. We can keep your cash flow solid and help you through the current economic climate.

Tax Preparation

Tax accounting is becoming more difficult every year. Your tax preparation should not suffer because you do not understand the complexity of the tax code. We can help unravel the winding regulation and keep you tax compliant. Our tax accountants are here to help. Call us today.

Fraud Prevention

As the economy changes, it lends to increased employee fraud and theft. This fact is being played out now as job losses mount. Do not become a victim of those you gainfully employ. Fraud and theft can happen to anyone, not just “the other guy”. Once you become “the other guy” it may be too late to recoup the losses. Call for a fraud prevention plan.

Financial Statement Review and Compilation

The skill of financial statement review and compilation takes years to master. We have been reviewing financial statements for years. That is why we have been called the “best affordable accountant and CPA in New Hampshire. Find out why by calling to discuss your next financial statement review or compilation.