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The three points that make Ernest L. Tomkiewicz CPA PLLC a top CPA firm in New Hampshire are affordability, convenience and a focus on client needs. These three ideals make up our company mission and it’s how we stay ahead of the competition. In a basic sense our mission as a CPA firm is “putting YOUR needs first”.

Cost should be a factor considered when seeking a new CPA or determining whether to stay with your current provider. If your current Concord CPA firm is becoming more expensive every year, it may be time for a change. Price creep happens to many businesses and should be guarded against. You should never pay too much for the services you are receiving. If you want to control your accounting costs, call us today.

Your time is valuable, but quite often accountants do not take that into consideration. If you’re spending time driving to meetings with CPA staff, you’re not focusing on your business. At our firm we offer your business ways to save not just in your own operation, but in how we do business with you. We consider your time just as valuable as our own.  Therefore, we will come to you for many meetings and consultations, be they in Concord or elsewhere.

These two points tie into the last part of our company mission, focus on client needs. Our virtual platform was designed specifically to ensure that the client has an easy way to communicate with us. We use many new apps and technologies like Dropbox, Skype and others to make your life easier. We also spend hundreds of hours a year to better integrate with your systems to provide elite services in accounting.

As you can see, we are simply the best solution for your business. We offer services in business tax preparation, auditing, fraud prevention and business consulting and much more. Below are links to many of our services. Please browse our offerings and feel free to contact us anytime seven days a week. Please read more on the company on our About Us page.  I thank you for taking the time to consider Ernest L Tomkiewicz CPA for your business accounting needs.

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Bill Carson

“Your apps and online tools are creating a stress-free work environment for me. Thanks.”

Conrad E.

“Your help rectifying old tax problems was invaluable.”

Andrea W.

“This guy loves his job. And it made me more confident in the work he was doing.”

Brian J.

“I was shocked that it was cheaper for me to hire a CPA for my bookkeeping and bill payments than to do it myself.”

Peter G.

“You’re such a down to earth CPA. I felt like I was talking to a friend not an accountant.”

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