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It’s Not About Us, It’s About YOU.

Every business has it’s pain points. It’s our job to solve them for you, so you can focus on your business. When you are brought on as a client, we provide you with the tools to work with us in a seamless fashion. At ELTCPA it truly is about you. 

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This page is about YOU, YOUR business vision, and how I can help YOU get to where you need to be. FYI: we are no longer accepting new personal tax clients, business only. This all starts by recognizing your biggest challenges with other CPAs. The questions vary, but the three main client concerns are:

  1. My CPA treats me like a bill collector when I call
  2. My CPA keeps running up the tab without warning
  3. My CPA ghosts me until February 1st

Each one of these items is a pain-point for you, and it’s understandable. You pay a lot of money but each year you’re receiving less. And worse, you’re treated like a dead-beat second-cousin when you have a question. Ughhh. Let’s look at each line above and you’ll see how I can change your outlook going forward.

First, when you call your tax accountant, why are you blown-off or treated like an annoyance. A client recently told me approaching their CPA was like this scene in Oliver Twist

Can you imagine the thought of that? If you’re not relaxed talking to your accountant, it’s time for a change. I can promise you that, at no point will you feel uncomfortable talking with me. It’s like talking to a friend or an associate. Interacting is done in a format you prefer, i.e. telephone, text, email, Zoom or in-person. The choice is always yours.

Second, you should not be paying ever increasing rates without warning. If your situation changes, and it happens quite often, you will be provided a new cost range for service. This is only fair to all involved. My pricing structure is above board and very transparent.

Last, it’s a weird position to be in when a service provider, like your CPA, “unfriends” you. What I mean is, they just disappear or ignore you until you become a cash flow resource again. You’re only a valuable asset at tax time, but not the rest of the year. This was the case with someone I worked with the past season. He was ghosted by his CPA. That is until February 1st when he became a cash source once again. Not cool to do to someone.

The bottom line, jump on board with me and it will be “About You” as it should be.

Our Services

All our services are offered in-person or remotely to meet your unique needs and preferences

We handle the intricate process of C Corporation tax return preparation. Our meticulous approach ensures accuracy and adherence to all regulatory requirements, giving you peace of mind and avoiding potential penalties.

Dealing with the IRS can be daunting. We offer audit protection through Protection Plus Audit Defense. Their team will represent your partnership in all dealings with tax authorities, helping you navigate audits and inquiries with confidence.

Beyond compliance, we offer strategic advisory services to help your C Corporation navigate financial decisions, mergers, acquisitions, and other critical business transactions. Our goal is to position your company for long-term success.

Let’s discuss some other pain-points in your world

If you think you’re the only person that finds accounting and tax preparation a chore, you would be wrong. In a room of a dozen business owners the question was asked, “raise your hand if you enjoy doing accounting”? The result was not one person put their hand up. This reality is your reality, and I can help. Accounting is a process that is vital to your business, but not something you should be spending your valuable time on. Nor should you pay too much for it.

I’ve been where you are

To help you understand how I can help your business, some background. Before becoming a CPA I spent ten years in management and ten years as a contractor. I made my living on a roof, like some of you. I would bet that most CPA’s never spent a day, much less ten years as a contractor. This experience has given me many insights into what you’re going through. Back then, I was accounting-phobic…just like you.

Three common accounting problems

I could list a dozen reasons you, as a business owner, don’t enjoy accounting. But let’s stick to the top three and I’ll explain how I can help. First, you don’t know how much, or whether, you’re making a profit. This is a common theme I hear all the time. Business owners bill customers, collect cash and pay bills. It seems like your making money, but if pressed, you really have no idea if and how much. This cash flow mystery will lead you to rely heavily on credit and cost you a fortune in interest.

Second, you may be taking advice from accountants or CPA’s that have never been where you are. This will lead you to take risks or make decisions based on flawed data. If your adviser only has a cursory understanding of what it’s like to be in your position, how can you succeed?

Last, you do not have the time to be focusing on accounting. The reality is that you should be spending your time growing your business, not on bean-counting. This is perhaps the worst of all the pain-points of being a business owner. Quite frankly, lack of competent accounting has prevented many from growing their businesses.

How I can help

I became focused on accounting because I saw the need for expert and focused help in the business community. It’s hard enough finding good employees, you shouldn’t have to spend resources finding a good accountant. My background in business management, contracting and accounting have provided me with specialized knowledge. The focus now is to use my experience to help you excel by removing the pain of accounting from your hands. I use best practice standards to work with non-native businesses.

I appreciate you taking the time to learn a little about this company and hope to work with you. Please feel free to call, email or set up a virtual consultation with the links provided below.

Why Choose Us for CPA Services?

The following three ideals make up ELT CPA’s company mission and they are how we stay ahead of the competition. Our mission as a CPA firm is “Putting YOUR needs first”.

Specialized Expertise: Our team comprises seasoned tax professionals with specialized expertise in C Corporation taxation. We stay abreast of the latest tax laws, regulations, and industry trends to ensure that your business receives the most accurate and up-to-date advice.

We recognize that each C Corporation is unique, with its own set of challenges and opportunities. Our approach is to work closely with you to understand your business structure, financial goals, and industry dynamics. This enables us to craft customized tax strategies that align with your corporate objectives.

From tax planning and compliance to strategic advisory services, Our Tax Solutions offer a full suite of C Corporation tax services. Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, our services are designed to scale with your business.


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