Best Business Consulting Service, Proven Advice

Your industry is my industry. I show this with proven advice in business consulting services. With economic uncertainty all around, look to my firm for help. One person cannot predict every change in business risk. But my experienced professionals use the latest platforms to lower your exposure.

No two companies are the same, do not use a one-size-fits-all CPA firm. I analyze your past and current performance to develop a business plan that fits your needs. Look to me to mold a plan specifically for you. Whether you are an established company or new one, I can help.

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Putting YOUR needs first!

Relaxed client atmosphere
Affordable pricing
Easy, convenient access
I provide business planning for all size companies. Contact my office today to receive a free one-hour session. We will cover such items as:


Evaluation of best/worst case scenarios


Ideas for complying with deadlines


Solutions to assess cash flow


And more…

Business costs left unattended will grow out of control. We can help you plan your costs and lower spending. Whether you are in food service, hospitality or construction, I can help. Assess your business now, before it’s too late. The repercussions from Coronavirus (COVID-19) related closures will take months/years to subside. Don’t fall behind now because you may never catch up. Many businesses will not survive the mandatory business restrictions and closures. Don’t be one of them. Restaurants and hospitality companies especially are urged to call today. Your financial future is dependent upon a solid small business framework, Set up your appointment at (603) 228-6106.

“The business plan is a tool for survival,

         not to be shelved when times are good.”

Ernest L. Tomkiewicz CPA


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Are your consulting services affordable?

Absolutely. I strive to use technology to your advantage. This saves me time and money. In turn I pass these savings along to you. 

Do you consult for small businesses?

Yes. Quite often the smaller businesses are the ones that could make the most use of my services. As a small business you do not have the resources of a large company. That’s why I can help.

Do your services cover cost control methods?

Yes. My focus when consulting with you is to ensure you have a sound fiscal policy in place. All other processes stem from this approach. 

Can you help a manufacturer or a retailer?

Yes. My experience is in a broad group of business types. One call does it all.

Some of our favored accounting apps include QuickBooks, Xero and Zoho. Helpful resources when looking for business consulting services are the NH society of CPA’s, and Yelp. You can also check your federal tax refund, research New Hampshire state tax information or access financial calculators here. Please explore these providers and contact us when you’re ready to attain the best local business consulting in Concord, New Hampshire.