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All our services are offered in-person or remotely to meet your unique needs and preferences

Navigate the complexities of partnership tax preparation with our expert services, ensuring accurate and compliant filings for your business partnership. We stay updated on the latest tax regulations to maximize benefits and minimize liabilities for your partners.

Corporate tax preparation is becoming more complex every day.  It’s not to say that the Business tax code is more complex. But there are many new items that need to be taken into consideration. When considering small business tax work, look to Ernest L. Tomkiewicz CPA PLLC to untangle many of the issues you encounter. We have corporate tax services for businesses large and small.

Specializing in non-profit tax preparation, we provide tailored solutions to ensure your organization remains compliant while optimizing tax benefits. Our dedicated team understands the unique financial landscape of non-profits, offering expert guidance to navigate the intricacies of tax regulations and filings.

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Our Mission is to Help You Succeed


Tax Accounting for artists and entertainers with small businesses is an area of money management that is often ignored. Entertainment takes many forms, from a traditional movie theater, to amusement parks and even radio and television. The arts, of course, include anything creative related. This could be a local potter to a sculpture in a major city. Wherever on the scale you land, you can count on Ernest L Tomkiewicz CPA to look out for your needs.

Tax preparation for the arts and entertainment industry can be interesting, challenging and intellectually rewarding. We take every relationship seriously and make advantage of the learning and growing experience, for both involved. Your search for an tax accountant ends today, so get on board with a firm that has the desire to help you succeed financially.

The Difference is in our Creativity

The specialized accounting treatments available for the arts and entertainment industry are many. Unique features in payroll, taxation and more are here for your use.  Why would you want to squander your valuable creative energy and focus with tax preparation? Isn’t is better to have a trusted adviser and friend in the accounting profession? These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself.

We strive to work with the best and brightest in the arts and entertainment world. Our focus is on helping privately-owned companies and self-employed individuals in all fields entertaining. If you’re a local writer, we can help. If you’re an amusement facility, we can help. No matter your situation, we can help.

Rely on our insight to help you achieve your personal and financial goals. Call today for a free consultation in a relaxed atmosphere. Our office or yours, we’ll work to make our interactions as easy for you as possible. We also offer consultation via Zoom for your convenience.

Why Choose Us for CPA Services?

The following three ideals make up ELT CPA’s company mission and they are how we stay ahead of the competition. Our mission as a CPA firm is “Putting YOUR needs first”.

At our firm we offer you ways to save in your own operation, and in how we do business with you. We consider your time just as valuable as our own.

Your time is valuable, but quite often accountants do not take that into consideration. If you’re spending time driving to meetings with CPA staff, you’re not focusing on your business.

We help you understand the process. Whether you come to us for basic tax preparation or a complex audit, we are here to talk. You will have a full understanding, in layman’s terms, of how we will help you and how the process works.


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Ernest L. Tomkiewicz, CPA

Founder & Certified Public Accountant

Education & Licensure

MS in Accounting, Saint Joseph’s College of Maine

CPA Licensure in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, and able to service client around the United States due to CPA reciprocity

Professional Affiliations

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

Massachusetts Board of Public Accountancy

New Hampshire Certified Public Accountants

Frequently Asked Questions


How Much Does Tax Preparation Cost?

A basic 1040 generally starts at $150, but can vary depending on dependents, credits, forms of income, etc. Business tax filings (partnership, S-Corporation and C-Corporation) generally start around $500. and as complexity goes up, so does cost. Non-profit filings start around $250.

How Much Does A Financial Statement Review Cost?

The cost of a financial statement review generally ranges from $1,500 to $5,000. Many CPAs will include the review at the time your taxes are prepared and roll the cost together.

How Much Does A Financial Statement Audit Cost?

The cost of a financial statement audit generally ranges upwards from $5,000. Many CPAs will include the audit at the time your taxes are prepared and roll the cost together.

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