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Retail Tax Accountant New Hampshire

The Challenge of Retail Tax Preparation

Retail businesses are the a most distinct industry. Niche apparel shops, local gas stations and hardware stores are some of the many diverse retail offerings. Even with this variety, many retailers have one thing in common, a large amount of inventory to receive, account for and move through the facility.  This is part of what makes their needs unique in business

Retail also suffers from the seasonality of business. With many stores doing the lion share of their business in the Christmas season, payroll and cash flow can also be an issue. Payroll record keeping, bonus tracking and commissions are particularly tricky for many owners to control. Cash flow is also something that needs special planning so that inventory levels are kept consistent during peak sales times.

Solutions tailored for  you

Given the above facts, retail business tax accounting is better not left completely with on staff bookkeepers and part time employees. Determining the best inventory valuation process or tracking should not be given to chance. You need a CPA that can get involved and really analyze your best options, we can do that. As well, if you sell by mail, sales tax issues could become a bear.  Understanding the complexities of new state sales tax guidelines is difficult. Especially now that some are changing on a daily basis. Helping you stay compliant; we can do that.

Another area you may need help is managing your cash flow. Knowing the best ordering points, paying bills on time (but not early) and cost analysis are keys to survival. Many in retail believe that because they don’t use materials like a manufacturer or a service provider, they don’t have many ways to save. Nothing could be further from the truth. Retail savings are everywhere. From your utility use to your staffing decisions, money can be saved, we can help.

How we can help

Our first step is to sit down with you and LISTEN to your needs and concerns. From there we interactively develop a plan for your success. Our staff is experienced in retail tax accounting and the methods to manage your cash flow, streamline workflows and get lean. Call today, or set up an appointment with our interactive scheduler. Your place or ours, we will meet with you on your terms.

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If you are looking for retail accounting services in Concord New Hampshire, we can help. Ernest L. Tomkiewicz CPA serves NH and the surrounding area. We provide services to those in the retail industries. Call today.

Some of our favored accounting apps include QuickBooks, Xero and Zoho. You can also check your federal tax refund, research New Hampshire state tax information or access financial calculators here. Please explore these providers and contact us when you’re ready to attain the best local accounting, tax and audit help in New Hampshire.