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Personal tax forms on a glass desk. A computer monitor shows 1040 tax informationThere are many options for personal tax prep. The local big-box store offers tax service three months every year. The downside is that come April 16th, they’re gone. If you need help from April through December, you’re out of luck. Alternately, you could go to a chain tax preparer. Franchises however, are not known for their personalized service. Or, you could jump on your computer and really spin the wheel of chance. Maybe the software is full of glitches, or maybe not. With all of these scenarios you face risk. The risk that your return will not pass IRS review.

Don’t leave your individual tax preparation and planning to the risks described above. You need tax guidance that can be counted on for accuracy and completeness. As well, you need an adviser that is keen to all the tax code has to offer. Compliance is key with the IRS. The tax code, with its many interpretations, IRS regulations and revenue rulings, is over 70,000 pages (straight stripped-down code is 2,600 pages). Certainly not something the average person could read and understand in one tax season.

Your Solution is HerePersonal tax forms on a glass desk. A computer monitor shows 1040 tax information

There is a better way. Consider this: According to the IRS Comprehensive Taxpayer Attitude Survey, tax professionals are preferred by taxpayers (88%). In a vote of confidence, taxpayers find tax pros as the most trusted source of tax advice. Outpacing IRS material and representatives. Here are some of the steps we take to ensure you have a smooth tax season experience.

An initial tax consultation is provided free of charge to new clients

We will review your prior year return prepared elsewhere to look for mistakes and errors, at no cost

Accuracy is ensured at every step with our ten-point review

e-file is offered to produce the quickest tax refund possible

Help in avoiding the Health Care Marketplace pay-back penalty

If you prefer to paper file, that can be arranged as well. You’re in control

We will advise you on any tax saving measure we think will help benefit you going forward

WE can also help with catching up past due tax returns, expatriate tax filing and H1-B workers. The personal tax preparation question comes down to one of confidence. Are you truly confident that your current provider, or software, is capable? If the answer is no, please give us a call. or contact us. We will do everything we can to listen to your concerns and work with you through the web called the US tax code. We also offer a variety of other accounting services, please check them out. Over 65 years old? See our free tax preparation page.

If you are looking for personal tax preparation in the Concord New Hampshire area, please call Ernest Tomkiewicz CPA. We can handle all of your tax and accounting needs.