Free Protection Plus Audit Defense for Your 1040 Tax Return

Starting with the upcoming tax season my office will be offering Protection Plus Audit Defense FREE on all personal tax preparation and e-file for forms 1040 and 1040-SR.

What is Protection Plus?

Protection Plus is a third-party company offering audit protection and identity theft restoration services. Protection Plus has been protecting taxpayers for over 15 years and is the industry expert in dealing with IRS and State issues of all kinds.

Protection Plus provides the following benefits:

Audit Assistance – Protection Plus can assist with almost any letter a taxpayer receives from the IRS or State about their individual tax return. Protection Plus case resolution specialists are full time employees and have an EA and/or CPA designation. Some common tax issues that Protection Plus assists with are:

Assistance with denied credits such as EIC, Child, and Education Credits.

Assistance with Schedules A, C, and E

Tax debt resolution services including Offer in Compromise, installment agreements, tax penalty abatement, wage garnishment relief, and innocent spouse relief.

$2,500 Preparation Guarantee – Up to the first $2,500 is paid by Protection Plus if a legitimate preparer error is made on the return, covering taxes, penalties, and interest. This does not cover fraud, negligence, or taxpayer errors.

Identity Theft Restoration – Protection Plus members are provided with a full year of complete ID Theft Restoration services. This benefit covers the entire family (spouse and dependents under 18) for identity theft incidents across all areas of their life. All work done on member’s behalf is performed by qualified Privacy Advocates and includes the following services:

Daily credit monitoring for 6 months following an incident,

Notification of local authorities, financial institutions, and credit bureaus

Access to Experienced Tax Professionals

Our tax professionals work directly with the taxpayer, tax professional, and taxing authority to provide assistance with audits and inquiries. With over 10 years in business and more than a million customers, we have the experience to help.

Tax Fraud Assistance

In the case of a suspected tax fraud incident, Protection Plus assists in completing all required paperwork to get the taxpayer’s tax return successfully filed. We will also help to obtain an IRS Identity Protection PIN in these cases.

Tax Credit and Taxpayer ID Assistance

Protection Plus works with the taxing authorities to help get denied credits such as Earned Income Credits, Child Tax Credits, and Education Credits funded. We can also help taxpayers acquire individual taxpayer identification numbers when necessary.

Tax Debt Relief

If a taxpayer owes tax debts to the IRS or state taxing authority, Protection Plus will assess all taxes, penalties, and interest to identify all debt resolution options and provide advice on the best course of action.

Tax Preparation Guarantee

With Protection Plus, tax professionals’ services are guaranteed. If a legitimate preparer error is made during the filing of a tax return, the taxpayer may be reimbursed for added expenses incurred up to $2,500 2.

State and Federal Return Assistance

Protection Plus assists with both Federal and State returns. Letters from the IRS or state taxing authority can be confusing and overwhelming, but we are here to help with interpretation, guidance, and case resolution.