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One area that Ernest Tomkiewicz CPA of New Hampshire specializes is in review, compilation and audit. Contact us for a free no pressure quote on your next service. Financial statement work can take several forms, preparation, compilation, review and audit. Knowing which you need, or are being required to have produced, is the beginning of the process. Here are explanations of the areas of financial statement work from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

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The virtual CFO Services offered by Ernest L. Tomkiewicz CPA PLLC can cover all or a portion of your current needs. We are a New Hampshire CPA firm that offers virtual CFO to most of New England. Any and all of the offerings on this website can be part of a virtual CFO package designed specifically for your business. Don’t hire a “one-size-fits-all” CFO company that only offers three or four tiers including offerings you may not need. Use a provider that will tailor a plan to help you succeed. You can contact us here, and read below for some of the services you can include in your personalized CFO package.

CPA, NH CPA, Accounting, Accountant, Local, Around me, Near-by, New Hampshire, Business tax preparation, Business tax preparation NH

Tax preparation is becoming more complex every day. The passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) in 2017 made the filling process easier for many. However, for some the changes are confusing.  It’s not to say that the code became more complex. But there are many new items that need to be taken into consideration. When considering tax preparation for your business look to for a New Hampshire CPA with the experience you need. Ernest L. Tomkiewicz CPA PLLC can untangle many of your complex issues. Your return can be a cash saving tool just as much as any other cost saving measure you implement, take advantage of it.

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If you think that your business is efficient and you’re not losing money, think again. The average business is losing 5-20% in waste, abuse and inefficiency. As a New Hampshire based CPA, Ernest Tomkiewicz is trained in searching for and detecting areas where your business is losing money. He refers to these areas of the business as the “money spigot”. The money spigot is where cash flows out of, not into, your company.

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Proper business planning is your road map to success, or it could be the GPS to failure, if not etched out properly. Consider that 30% of businesses fail in the first two years and 50% within five. These are stark numbers and also show, people go into a new business with little to no plan. Don’t become another statistic in the world of business. Strive to excel through careful planning and enlist a CPA in New Hampshire that can provide the data you need to succeed. Money saving strategies, accounting tactics, forward thinking and experience can work wonders to keep you successful for years. For more articles on business planning and other accounting areas, Click here.

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Too many times has an employee lived far beyond their means, flaunting new expensive cars and jewelry in front of all coworkers, management and ownership, with never a question raised. All the while they’ve been draining the company of funds to procure their lavish life style. Does this person sound familiar, to many of you this person is somewhere in your office right now. It makes zero difference if your organization is a medical provider, a manufacturer or even a church, you are on the hit list of fraud.